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Who the fuck needs a sig pic?

2009-05-10 00:21:54 by Ozcar

Well, it seems me...

I'll start making new sig pics...Do you want one like mine? Post here or send me a PM and I'll make one with your user Name and a short message...

Who the fuck needs a sig pic?


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2009-05-10 03:19:16

Make me one with a Light background but big and glowing with my name on it in any text that doesn't suck dick. Thnnnnnnnnnnnnks.

Ozcar responds:

Maybe I should've said "I'm going to make sigs but that will look a like mine"

Not customized sigs for now...


2009-05-10 04:25:02

can you please make me a siggy with a camo background, and my username sort of splattered on it with blood, and if you can, please add a sniper scope, like you're looking through it. Maybe cut out Osama Bean Laden's head (its Mr Bean dressed like osama) and make it look like the scope is aimed on his head?

Something like this, the | are edges of the banner:

| DevilDog016 (scope thingy here) |


Ozcar responds:

Read my reply above...sorry...


2009-05-11 16:21:17

oh sorry bout that. Could you make me one like that one you have up there?
Only with the words "you touch my coffee mug = you die >:(" written in all-caps? With same color scheme as yours?
I will personally take full responsability over any problems that may occur regarding the aggressivity of the text in the sig.


2009-05-12 07:25:01

I want one, replace uncle ozcar with RyanL337 <3 Newgrounds with the same text but like blue instead of that yellow color. If you cant do that. Just Replace your name with mine.


2009-05-12 19:37:12

Mmmkay, then just put MegamanZero360 <3 BBS


2009-05-12 19:37:36

Oh, and make it blue


2009-05-16 13:07:49

What's the point? I could open photoshop and make this! Make something more... sexy.


2009-05-17 17:43:26

Do you do banners?


2009-05-20 19:11:14

Could you make mine replacing Uncle Ozcar with FlashDefender, and keep the text like this:

FlashDefender @ Newgrounds

I would REALLY appreciate it.