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Ur E-Penis is not as big as U think

2009-05-11 12:05:56 by Ozcar

I hate when people brags about stupid things on the Internet just to show "how big their e-Penis is"

Well, I have some new for you: Your E-penis is not as big as you think....Because, as matter of fact, every e-penis in this e-world is not as big as its owner thinks...All lays in your imagination...

Now that you know that, could you please stop making pointless topics just to show how big your e-penis is?

"What are the specs of your computer"
Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you that I bough a new brand computer and is better than any I've seen before lol lol lol. It has a terabyte of space, Blu-ray reader and burner, 5 Gigas of Ram memory.

Now show me your computers specs
: so I can laugh at them

Seriouslly...Who wants to know how good your computer is? It doesn't matter how good it is as long as you keep making pointless topics like that! What wil you do with your damn computer? Download porn? Download MP3? Browse Newgrounds? so what? I can do the same on mine...

Every person that makes a topic like that, thinks that now that has bought a new computer his e-penis' grown like a mile long...But is not! In fact, I laugh at those that think that topics like that will make them look cooler...



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2009-05-11 12:35:24

Does your computer setup even have anything to do with your e-penis? I see it as just people bragging about material possessions like you would do in real life. I would associate e-penis stuff with things you do on the Internet, be it Newgrounds stats, owning someone or thinking you have owned someone, shit you do during a game, etc.

Ozcar responds:

And how did you get those stats? You get them using your PC! Your Pc is the main source of your e-penis.


2009-05-11 12:54:37



2009-05-11 14:34:45

Well to some people computer specs matter.

How would you feel if something that mattered to you was thought of as stupid to someone else.

How would you feel then?


2009-05-12 02:17:22

Don't you think you should take the banner down since you're not a mod anymore?

Ozcar responds:

I'm too lazy to make a new banner right now....bu yeah....


2009-05-12 07:27:28

True, but that's not related to PC specs. You don't need a 4Ghz Quad Core Processor PC to have an impact on the Internet. Having a wit or creativity on you helps, or if you lack both, post hentai for an easy 10 comments.

High spec PC = physical object in physical world.

e-penis = virtual object in "virtual" world.

e-penis is defined by what you do on the Internet, not by what you own or your social status in real life.

(Updated ) Ozcar responds:

Virtual objects are made thanks to the real objects, e/penises are related to ou belongings no to imaginary things...


2009-05-12 11:16:50

Is that you in the pic?

Ozcar responds:

Yes that's me...Why?


2009-05-12 14:46:29

Did you used to be a Mod? o.o

Ozcar responds:

Yes...I was away for long (6 months I think) and I got demodded....


2009-05-13 11:36:42

You upset/annoyed about that?

Also, isn't there anyway to get you re-modded, because your back now?


2009-05-13 14:55:50

i brag about my E - PEEN with my friends, but just for the LULZ.


2009-05-14 23:05:30

Don't know why it took so long to get around to this, but, welcome back you faggot.


2009-05-15 15:26:32

Well damn you sure look muscular, I wouldn't wanna get in a fight with a dude like you.


2009-05-15 15:37:03

Yeah because a blu-ray optical driver + 1TB HDD = fast computer


2009-05-19 00:51:35

what does that have to do with anything?

i do not play too much resident evil. :(


2009-05-21 17:01:31

Unless you are Tom Fulp. His actually is as big as he says it is.