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I'd rather...

2010-05-20 23:58:04 by Ozcar

I'd rather die than tell you what I'm feeling,
I'd rather be alone than listen to your questions,
I'd rather laugh of my own bad jokes than hear you calling me liar,
I'd rather don't look back than see you staring at me,
but most importantly.I'd rather say a last good bye than a see you soon.

Good bye.


prefiero morir de dolor a decirte lo que siento
prefiero quedarme solo que a escucharte cuestionarme
prefiero reir a solas de mis tonterias que a escucharte llamarme mentiroso
prefiero no mirar atras para no toparme con tu mirada,
pero sobre todo, prefiero darte un ultimo adios que un hasta pronto.


I'd rather...


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2010-05-21 16:28:10

what year were you demodded in, from what i heard you were a decent mod?


2010-05-27 22:46:02

Uncle Ozcar NOOOOOO!


2010-05-29 17:08:53

Uncle Ozcar, I wrote you another poem!

I'd rather torment in misery
Then be reunited with you.
For though they're both terrible.
At least, I wouldn't have to see
Your lying, conniving eyes.

So in solitude
Not a soul
Hears my cries
Nor tries
To help me
While my soul
Slowly dies.

But if you could return
Good as new
To mend my heart
And repair my soul
I'd still refuse
To see you.

For in my despair,
In my depression
All is true.
Sadness doesn't lie.
Unlike you.

Yes, I'd rather
Wallow in misery
Than be with you.

We're fucking through!

I would translate this into Spanish, but I'm not a dirty Mexican.


2010-07-08 06:22:04

Please dont tell me you're leaving NG


2010-07-25 03:02:40

If your newgrounds account got deleted would you cry


2010-08-16 15:45:25

Hi, how do I become a mod?