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I used to be a Cool Geek

2009-05-08 01:56:28 by Ozcar

Is that even possible?

I used to be a Cool Geek... I knew everything about everything... and I could kick anybody's ass when I was in junior high and in high school...

You could say I was an odd mix between a Bully and the teacher's pet... I was smart, but none had the balls to tell me something bad...Or I'd kick their ass...

Fireworks isn't fun anymore...

2009-04-06 15:15:12 by Ozcar

At least not as it used to be...

I guess it's because I don't use Fireworks to make fun things anymore...just to work and to work and to work...

I made this today, what do you think about it?

Fireworks isn't fun anymore...

Te amo

2008-05-18 13:01:07 by Ozcar


2008-04-25 23:43:01 by Ozcar

Amidst the shadows
In the silence of night
The sum of our fears

No sun to warm the skin,
No smile to soothe the soul,
Just shadows of darkness,
The unconscious self wakened...

The façade of confidence,
Slowly fades into the night.
Loneliness the reality,
The mind lost in self doubt.

It weaves insidiously,
Relentless is its power.
In silence our souls hunger,
Fears shrouded in the night.

Tormented by a self portrait,
Exposing flaws and imperfections...
Alone cloaked in shadows,
Battling against self despair...

Vanity yearns for perfection,
The ego craves validation,
The heart aches for love,
And the soul seeks peace...

Our greatest fear,
The greatest sadness,
We have all known it.

MSN Messenger?

2008-04-11 02:08:10 by Ozcar


You might see me online between 0:00 hrs - 2:00 hrs...

Latin day in Newgrounds

2008-01-02 11:35:02 by Ozcar

Latin day 2008

A veces parece increible que han pasado ya 5 años desde nuestro primer latin day en Newgrounds :) Por el momento pareciera que Latingrounds esta en estado de Coma o muerte cerebral...Pero organizando nuestras agendas podremos volver a levantarlo :)

Happy Latin day a todos!