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2011-01-09 08:45:49 by Ozcar

Is loneliness a feeling or the lack of all of them?


2010-11-26 10:02:08 by Ozcar

Life isn't measured for every breath we take, but for the things that take our breath away...


Make me feel heartless...

2010-09-09 20:23:00 by Ozcar

The place where you'd shine is empty now.
There's only the smell of your clothes here,
Nothing else but the sound of your laugh in my ears
and the yells you leave here before go away.

Make me feel heartless...

You've made me feel empty,
I'm pretty sure you can do that too...

Make me feel heartless...

There's nothing here to laugh
nothing to show a smile...
You took away all the happines that once I had
you took away all the days with sun
and forgot too take the rainy days with you...

Make me feel heartless...

I'm fed up with this pain in my chest
I'm ready to stop feeling anything...
And ready to forget what I once were...

Make me feel heartless...
Because I'm tired of cry in my loneliness...

Another star dies...

Make me feel heartless...

I'd rather...

2010-05-20 23:58:04 by Ozcar

I'd rather die than tell you what I'm feeling,
I'd rather be alone than listen to your questions,
I'd rather laugh of my own bad jokes than hear you calling me liar,
I'd rather don't look back than see you staring at me,
but most importantly.I'd rather say a last good bye than a see you soon.

Good bye.


prefiero morir de dolor a decirte lo que siento
prefiero quedarme solo que a escucharte cuestionarme
prefiero reir a solas de mis tonterias que a escucharte llamarme mentiroso
prefiero no mirar atras para no toparme con tu mirada,
pero sobre todo, prefiero darte un ultimo adios que un hasta pronto.


I'd rather...

Embracing myself

2010-05-09 14:19:45 by Ozcar

I embrace myself, because there's no one else to do it.
I embrace myself, because that's all what is left.
I've lost all my memories of the sweet days
and all I have is the sour taste that your lips left.

I've grounded myself inside this room
waiting for a light, waiting for you,
although your comeback will hurt me more
I keep waiting, embracing myself, lying in the darkness.

I don't want you here
but I need you
I don't want this feeling
I don't want to need you anymore

Where am I going to be when I'm 30?
In the middle of the light?
Inside the darkness?

My arms feel dead,
should I stop embracing myself?
No...That's all I have left...
I should not stop embracing myself,
that's all I have now.

Embracing myself

"Ask me a question about..." topics

2010-04-13 11:23:01 by Ozcar

Seriously, what about them?

"Hey guys, I'm so smart that I can answer any question you make me. Go ahead and try it?"
So what? I don't care if you're smart enough to answer anything or find it in google...I could google myself! What's the point about your topic?

Silly example

Share your thoughts with your uncle Ozcar

Awesome gift from Steve Guzzi :)

2009-06-26 01:01:26 by Ozcar

Today I got a package from the coolest mod and most awesome dude in Newgrounds: Steve Guzzi.

I didn't know what it had inside, but it was really heavy!

The Box

Yeah, I had to cover some info that was on the box...

And this is what I got: 2 Books "The Iching" and "Spike and Chain" a book that teaches you some basic movements to use Manrikigusari and Shurikenjutsu. The Manrikigusari is the chain you can see on this pic:


Thanks Steve! You're awesome...I'm speechless :)

By the way, there's a REAL story about something that happened between Steve and I related to the Manrikigusari... It was a joke I was playing with other NG members an suddenly Steve got involved... It happened 5 years ago! You can read about it here.

PD: I was an asshole back then and my english was like a hundred times worse XD

Thanks Steve!


UOAWWW #1: How to buy a Condom

2009-05-22 12:55:54 by Ozcar

Uncle Ozcar's awesome wise words of wisdom # 1: How to buy a condom

so, you want to get laid tonight, but you're afraid not about the fact you're going to have sex (after all, you've dreamt about this all the time) but for the fact that your girl won't make sex with you without protection and you don't have the balls enough to buy a condom...

You're a silly excuse of a man!

There's nothing wrong about buying a condom for these reasons:

- No matter your age, they have to sell you a condom. It's not a porn magazine for Jesus Christ! From WikiAnswers:
Q: How old do you have to be to buy a condom?

A: store clerks don't usually care how old you are -they should be glad you are being responsible. No legal age, but if they know your parents they might tell!! :-}

So, as long as you buy it at a store that is not next to your house, everything will be fine.

- What store clerks want is to sell! All what they want to do is sell, they would even sell you a porn magazine if you had enough money .

These are some of the things the Store Clerk won't do when you buy a condom.

He won't ask for an ID
He won't call the police
He won't make fun of you
He won't laugh at you...After all, YOU'RE A COSTUMER and most of store clerks care about their costumers. You might ending coming back to buy more when you need it.

Now, follow this steps and you won't fail in your journey to buy the precious key to the precious vagina.

1.- First, check where the condoms are. Don't fool around like a fool! Just make visual contact to them...You won't need a lot of time to find them, they might be at the reach of your hand.

2.- Take them. If they're at the reach of your hand, just take them if they're not, ask the store clerk for them. Be straight, don't make fool comments. The store clerk won't make fool comments if you don't behave like a fool.

3.- Pay them. That's right, that's all.

You're out now. Remember to follow the instructions written on the condoms' box....

And that's all... Have fun and remember to wear always a condom when you have sex. Do never have sex without a condom or I'll tell your parents you didn't obey uncle Ozcar and that's what gave you aids and/ or other STD...

Leave a comment. Feel free to ask anything.

You might get a faster answer if you send me a PM with something like "I wrote a comment about your UOAWWW #1 "

I hate when people brags about stupid things on the Internet just to show "how big their e-Penis is"

Well, I have some new for you: Your E-penis is not as big as you think....Because, as matter of fact, every e-penis in this e-world is not as big as its owner thinks...All lays in your imagination...

Now that you know that, could you please stop making pointless topics just to show how big your e-penis is?

"What are the specs of your computer"
Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you that I bough a new brand computer and is better than any I've seen before lol lol lol. It has a terabyte of space, Blu-ray reader and burner, 5 Gigas of Ram memory.

Now show me your computers specs
: so I can laugh at them

Seriouslly...Who wants to know how good your computer is? It doesn't matter how good it is as long as you keep making pointless topics like that! What wil you do with your damn computer? Download porn? Download MP3? Browse Newgrounds? so what? I can do the same on mine...

Every person that makes a topic like that, thinks that now that has bought a new computer his e-penis' grown like a mile long...But is not! In fact, I laugh at those that think that topics like that will make them look cooler...


Who the fuck needs a sig pic?

2009-05-10 00:21:54 by Ozcar

Well, it seems me...

I'll start making new sig pics...Do you want one like mine? Post here or send me a PM and I'll make one with your user Name and a short message...

Who the fuck needs a sig pic?